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Careers in the federal public service

Do you need information on rates of pay for federal public service jobs? Do you want to learn about benefit plans? Are you scheduled to take an exam for a public service job and would like to know more about it? You may find the answers here:

Public Service Commission

Job Opportunities in Ontario Government

“The Ontario Public Service (OPS) wants to attract, hire and retain the best talent in Ontario. The first step is to provide a one-stop shop for current and future employees where they can explore the careers we have available and the benefits we have to offer. OPS Careers is that one-stop shop.”

Ontario Public Service

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) is a department of the Government of Canada.

HRSDC home

Jobs with Ottawa City

Build your candidate profile, search and apply for jobs at the City, and monitor the status of your applications. You may choose to search for jobs without registering your profile.

Our current opportunities range from temporary part-time assignments to permanent full-time employment.

Ottawa City Jobs

Job Bank

Job Bank is Canada's one-stop job listing Web site. Each year we help hundreds of thousands of Canadian workers, job seekers and employers connect online, and free of any service charges.

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Canadian Forces

protect Canada,
defend North America in co operation with the U.S., and
contribute to international peace and security.




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