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  • Ottawa: 2 accused in teen prostitution trial won't take stand

    Two Ottawa teens who entered guilty pleas last month will not testify against a third teenage girl charged with running a prostitution ring.

    The three girls were charged in June 2012 with a total of 74 charges, including human trafficking and sexual assault.

    In a surprise move late last month, two of the accused reversed their not guilty pleas to guilty.


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    Teen prostitution trial hears closing arguments

    An Ottawa court began hearing closing arguments Monday in the trial of a 16-year-old girl accused of running a prostitution ring.

    Crown attorney Fara Rupert said the teenager's greed drove her to lure other teens into prostitution.

    The girl was arrested in June 2012 and pleaded not guilty to 33 charges, including human trafficking and sexual assault.

    Rupert said the accused was motivated by "her desire for instant and material gratification."

    She said the teen used threats, coercion, violence, alcohol and drugs to lure other teens into having sex for money.



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      Allure of big bucks pulls girls into online prostitution, teen says

      A teenager who sold sex before she was old enough to drive says underage Halifax girls are moved between cities to sell their bodies, and some are lured by the prospect of making tens of thousands of dollars in a month.

      "You go and you post an ad online or somebody posts the ad for you … Then you sell your ass to a bunch of people," said Amanda. Her real name and age are being withheld to protect her identity.

      "If you're working for somebody, you give them the money and then if you're not, you keep it for yourself."



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        Teen prostitution ring sentencing expected today

        The sentencing of a teenage girl who pleaded guilty to helping run a prostitution ring is expected today.

        The girl, now 18, was 16 years old when she and two other teen girls were arrested and charged in 2012.

        The Crown and defence made a joint submission in court in November that the teen should be sentenced to one year of time already served and two years of probation.

        They also asked for a weapons ban, a DNA sample to be added to a databank and extensive counselling.

        The Crown also wants the girl to have a curfew of 9 p.m. for six months, and to have no contact with her two co-accused, two victims, a victim's mother and another teen facing similar charges in a separate trial.

        Justice Diane Lahaie is expected to deliver the sentence today.

        Another girl who was 15 at the time of her arrest is expected to be sentenced on Monday. She has also pleaded guilty.

        The alleged ringleader, who was also 15 when she was arrested, has pleaded not guilty. A verdict in her trial on 33 charges, including trafficking and sexual assault, is expected on Jan 29.



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          Girl accused in teen prostitution trial gets maximum sentence

          The youngest of three girls accused of running a teen prostitution ring in Ottawa will spend another five months in jail after receiving the maximum sentence for human trafficking.

          After the five months of jail time, the girl will spend 76 days of supervised custody in the community.

          The sentence was handed down Monday by Justice Diane Lahaie. It's the maximum sentence for human trafficking under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

          While delivering the sentence, Lahaie said the teen had taken part in a "vile enterprise" and used her victims as "sexual pawns."

          The girl, who is now 17, cannot be named. She was 15 when she was arrested in 2012 on charges including child pornography and recruiting for the purpose of prostitution, and she underwent a psychological assessment.



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            Ottawa sex workers call police sting 'intimidating'

            Ottawa sex workers are upset with an “intimidating” police strategy to crack down on human trafficking that has groups of uniformed officers showing up to conduct searches during scheduled dates.

            Escorts have been answering the door dressed for dates without knowing they were booked by officers posing as clients, according to an advocacy group for the rights of sex workers, called POWER.

            Sex worker and POWER member Caroline Newcastle (not her real name) said she knows of seven recent incidents and is concerned she will be next.

            “To have a cop show up at your door under false pretenses — invite themselves in and search the premises — it’s very intimidating,” Newcastle said.



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              Accused ringleader of teen pimps to hear verdict

              An Ottawa teen accused of beating, drugging and threatening other girls to force them into prostitution is expected to hear her verdict Wednesday at the end of a long trial.

              The girl was 15 when she was arrested in June 2012 as the alleged ringleader of a violent pimping operation. In September, two other teen girls entered mid-trial guilty pleas for their roles. None can be named due to provisions under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

              The alleged ringleader pleaded not guilty to 33 charges, including human trafficking, making child pornography and assault, at the outset of the trial in April 2013.



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                Teen pimp apologizes to her victims in Ottawa courtroom

                An Ottawa teenage girl made a tearful apology in court to the girls she drugged, beat and forced into prostitution.

                "No words could ever convey how solemnly sorry I am. I am far from perfect but I'm definitely not the same girl I was at 15," she said.

                The teen was 15 when she was arrested in 2012 for leading a human trafficking operation with two other teens. She is now 18.

                "I realize the pain I inflicted on my victims and their families was extremely wrong and I will forever live with the guilt and regret of my vile actions ... I pray, Your Honour, take a youth sentence into consideration because unlike before I have aspirations for my future and I'm striving to become a better person."



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                  Ottawa teen prostitution ringleader, gets 6½-year adult sentence

                  An 18-year-old who led an operation that trafficked other teenagers using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter today received an adult sentence of 6½ years in a correctional facility.

                  Kailey Oliver-Machado was given credit for time she's already served in pre-sentence custody, meaning she will only serve another two years and 325 days.

                  Oliver-Machado, 18, was arrested in 2012 when she was 15 for leading the operation with two other teens as they recruited other girls through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter before drugging and beating them and forcing them into prostitution.