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  • The Ottawa Evergreen Troupe Birthday Party

    The Ottawa Evergreen Troupe Birthday Party

    The Autumn climate of 2014 is cool and pleasant. The evening of September 7, at 280 Rochester Tower Hall was peaceful and beaming. The Evergreen Troupe Mid-Autumn Festival and the birthday party were held here. Guests and members more than 100 people gathered to celebrate the special day.

    Head Luo Fangzhen, also the founder of the troupe, who is at the age of 80, first spoke to extend Mid-Autumn Festival greetings to everyone.

    She said "Today is a good time to hold such a spectacular birthday ceremony because over ten members of our Troupe at this time are celebrating their age of 65, 70. 75 and 80 big birthdays." And the more exciting news, she continued, is that she received a congratulatory letter from Prime Minister Harper, congratulating her 80th birthday. She said she was happy and proud of it.

    Ms. Luo immigrated to Canada in 1992 and found the troupe in 2001 to promote the Chinese culture to Canadian multiculturalism.

    Besides head Luofang Zhen, Ms. Wu Faching, the art adviser of the Evergreen Troupe also received a congratulatory letter from the Prime Minister Harper to congratulate her on her 75th birthday.

    Ms. Wu and her husband Mr. Qin have immigrated to Canada over 20 years. They worked hard to establish themselves in Canada. After retirement, the couple kept working many years as one-day-a-week volunteers for Ottawa community.

    Prime Minister Harper's two congratulatory letters greatly encouraged the whole members of the troupe.

    Ottawa Evergreen Troupe was officially registered and approved by the Government of Canada's non-profit societies in 2001. Its purpose is to promote the Chinese culture, adding luster to multicultural Canada. It consists of more than 52 old people, all over 65.

    In the past 14 years, the troupe delivered 135 performances to Ottawa community. The audience are over four million. Most of the shows were to seniors at nursing homes and elderly activity centers. The troupe was also frequently invited to participate in public celebration like Canada Day events, Tulip Festivals, Victoria Arts Festivals, Ottawa Canal Festivals, Community Football Games opening ceremony, the Greek Festivals and other performances.

    The Party ended in a cheerful, warm and harmonious atmosphere with rich foods and colorful performances.